Thursday, June 12, 2008

A threat to take seriously?

Yesterday we had our usual struggle getting Ethan to take his nap (he was up early that morning). Well, almost usual.

He normally gets quite annoyed when we put him down for a nap, usually running away, and hitting us as we catch him. But what was different about this time was what he said to try to detract us.

"If you put me down for a nap I'll kick your little ass!!!!"

Of course, Melanie and I had to really struggle to not laugh. It's simply not what you expect, especially since it was something we certainly didn't want to encourage.

So, where did he get it from? "Harry said it" he said.


"In Spiderman to Peter Parker."

Ah, that's it. Spiderman 3, when Parker works out that Harry has got his memory back and confronts Harry about it. I remembered the scene. Hmm....

Today he said it to his couson (of 5 years), so it's not a one off incident. The dilema now is of course what to do with it. If you make too much of it, it could be an attention earner for him. Don't do enough and he'll think it's ok.

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