Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I love that one!

Ethan's vocabulary is coming on really fast now. Every day he seems to have a new word or understands a new concept. This evening I was out in the back yard with him chopping up branches that we'd trimmed from the trees out back, when it quickly got dark.

Ethan said "It's got Dark, Daddy!"

I concurred.

Then he said, "That means it's time to go sleep".

I don't think I've heard him use the word 'means' before or anything like it.

Earlier in the day he asked where Mommy was. I told him she was in the bedroom on the phone, to which he replied, "I want to see her". First time I've heard him use 'her' or anything like it. Normally he'd have said, "I want to see Mommy".

He's definitely learning!


Pickscrape said...

I forgot to say that the title is one of his favourite phrases at the moment: he uses it where you'd normally say "I love it", or "I love that". Makes me laugh. :)

Sue said...

Now Ethan says he 'needs' it!